Monday, February 15, 2010

Expressiva Giveaway at Ruminations of a Twenty Something

Giveaway at Ruminations of a Twenty Something Momma and here are the details below.  Isn't this one cute?

After months of nursing a child, the idea of breastfeeding becomes less of an action and more of a lifestyle. Daily events start to revolve around your baby’s mealtimes, and leaving the house means choosing an outfit that will allow easy, comfortable access for feeding.

Therein lies the problem – coordinating clothing for ease of nursing isn’t always easy. Some women prefer to keep their breasts mostly covered, while others are more worried about exposing their back or stomach in public.

Layering works with some outfits, but not others, and wearing your favorite shirt may no longer be an option depending on how high (or low) the neckline is. Nursing bras and tanks become wardrobe staples, but sometimes it’s simply not possible to coordinate an entire outfit around these pieces.

What’s a frazzled nursing mama to do?

The answer (in this nursing momma’s opinion) is to invest in at least one or two functional (but pretty!) breastfeeding-friendly items – a few casual tops, maybe something dressy for special occasions. Having pieces that are nursing-specific makes a world of difference since the comfort and coverage are taken care of for you – all you need to do is get dressed and go!

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